2017 Spring Semester Opening Ceremony of Xiamen Subordinate Learning Center Was Held


On the afternoon of April 22, the 2017 spring semester opening ceremony of online-education Xiamen Subordinate Learning Center was held grandly in CCE. Presedent of CCE Zheng Wenli, Party secretary Cai Zhengwei, vice Party secretary Zheng Bijiao, teacher representative from School of Architecture and Civil Engineering Wu Xinye, director of Xiamen Subordinate Learning Center Li Xuguang, and related staff attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zheng Bijiao.


The opening ceremony kicked off in the solemn national anthem. Zheng Wenli expressed a warm welcome and hearty congratulations on behalf of CCE to the arrival of more than 1,000 freshmen at Xiamen Subordinate Learning Center. Then he introduced the 96 years' history of XMU, and CCE's contribution to such aspects as servicing local economic development and personnel training. He hoped that students could balance work and study, delve into professional knowledge, set goals and stick to their dreams, and make their own contribution with their youth and vigor to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Teacher representative Wu Xinye inspired the freshmen from the perspective of professional learning. He hoped that the freshmen could learn with a positive attitude, be familiar with the methods of online education, study hard, build up their bodies, forge their characters, and put themselves into talents for the society.

Huang Ying, alumni representative from accounting major of junior college programs of the 2015 autumn semester, imparted his learning experience to his junior fellows, told the friendship of teachers and students, and encouraged the freshmen to turn into learning state as soon as possible and to complete learning tasks.

Li Guihua, freshmen representative from accounting major of undergraduate programs of the 2017 spring semester, inspired the freshmen with her enthusiasm of learning and perseverance. She said that in the way of learning, one had to work positively with endurance and stamina for the fruit of learning.


The ritual section of the opening ceremony came to a close with powerful singing of XMU school anthem.

In the section of guidance on learning, the head teachers of classes of freshmen explained the main learning points of undergraduate programs and junior college programs, interpreted the relevant policies of online education of XMU, illustrated the online-education learning platform, and answered questions from students. What they said and did was very helpful for the freshmen to carry out their study smoothly in the future

Finally, the opening ceremony ended in a warm atmosphere.